Lindsay Lohan Recreates ‘Parent Trap’ Scene for Your Nostalgic Pleasure

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If you need a nostalgic fix, Lindsay Lohan’s got you.

The actress paid homage to her time playing Hallie Parker and Annie James on the Parent Trap. Besides Mean Girls, it’s safe to say that’s one of her best movies. So, on Thursday (Mar. 17, 2016), she took to Instagram to post a Dubsmash video of mimicking lines from her famous characters.

“Actually, we’re all quite fine in here, unless Hallie Parker knows something we don’t know,” Lohan’s Annie says in the film, as she mimes along to it.

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In case you don’t recognize the scene, it’s when Annie and Hallie are feuding at camp. She says the line to camp leaders Marva Kulp Sr. and Marva Kulp Jr. after discovering that Hallie and her friends completely boobie trapped and trashed her cabin.