Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: Macy Gray Celebrates with Loft & Bear Vodka at The District Live

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This past Thursday (Mar. 17, 2016) in Los Angeles, Grammy Award winner Macy Gray took over the turntables at The District Live while sipping on Loft & Bear Vodka cocktails during the St Patrick’s day celebration.

The distinctive raspy-voiced singer arrived in a relaxed purple t shirt and pink over coat at The District by Hannah An sans her signature afro instead opting for long box braids in a top knot.

The District Live is a music series evening of live music by performing artists in conjunction with Billboard Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter produced by Joey Sapone featuring artisanal bottle service and specialty cocktails by Loft & Bear Vodka.

Loft & Bear Vodka uses pure California mountain spring water and is characterized by its sweet, rich aroma with a silky smooth mouth feel and an understated light flavor. It derives its character from soft winter wheat grains sourced seasonally from North Carolina and Michigan, in which, results a clean and less neutral tasting flavor. The nose is full, sweet, with vanilla bean and a mild, buttery, pleasant and herbal taste. Loft and Bear has won a variety of awards including Gold Medal for The Fifty Best Domestic Vodka Awards 2014 and Gold Medal for the Microliquor Spirit Award.