Kim Kardashian Mourns One Look-Alike, Takes Selfie with Another

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CREDIT: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian is reflecting on her her Kim Kardashian look-alikes today.

Soon after word got out that Kim Tripp, the 32-year-old who starred as the little people’s Kim Kardashian at Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas and the Hollywood Roosevelt, has died, the reality star took to Twitter to mourn the passing of her miniature doppelgänger.

According to TMZ, Tripp’s body was found on the front porch of her Las Vegas apartment just after midnight Sunday morning.

Kardashian tweeted on Monday morning (Mar. 21, 2016):

Hours later, Kardashian also shared a selfie she took with another one of her look-alikes, Kamilla Osman. The two were seen shopping together last week with mutual friend Jonathan Cheban.

“Look who I ran into— Kamilla Osman!” Kardashian wrote on her app. “I’ve been seeing people say we look so much alike! She’s so sweet and it was so fun to run into her. So funny! I can’t wait for you to seeKeeping Up with the Kardashians soon and see what we were up to the other day!!!!”