Morgan Stewart Has Designed a ‘Camel Toe-Proof’ Activewear Line

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This #RichKid would like you to stop fidgeting with your vagina while you work out.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart swears that her fitness fashion line not only looks cute in and out of the gym, but will keep your ladybits in place as you work out. Partnering with Touché LA, Stewart’s collection includes pieces like a bralettes, tights, and lightweight jackets that have all been carefully designed and curated by the reality star.

“What makes this line so special is that the colors are so unique. They blend so beautifully together. It’s a little more fashion forward,” she tells Celebuzz. “I definitely want people to feel like, ‘Okay, this is really cute to work out in. But if we want to go to lunch, we can.'”

“People want to be casual. People want to be cute and people don’t want to seem like they’re trying too hard. I wear workout clothes even when I’m not working out, so I want the line to represent those days,” she continues. “I definitely want it to be camel toe-proof because nobody wants to fidget with their vagina when they work out. I’ve always had to, and it’s always awkward because I feel like everyone knows I’m picking things out of my vag.”

For Stewart, her primary focus is to create a line that could hold up against any workout.

“I was very adamant about color selection … I was very adamant that the peach on paper was going to be the peach that was covering someone’s nipple,” she says. “The quality is amazing. Everything is durable.”

“It has been a true pleasure working hand in hand with Morgan to develop this collaboration. The attention to detail that went into each style was unmatched,” Karl Singer, the CEO of Touché LA, adds. “Morgan has a true passion for fashion and we are very excited to bring forward this incredible collection.”

The collection is available for pre-sale now until Wednesday, March 23 on Touché LA’s website. Customers who purchase items during the pre-sale will receive their items a full week before the collection officially launches on April 20.