Blake Shelton Reveals the Real Reason He Wanted Gwen Stefani to Mentor His Team on ‘The Voice’

It’s exactly why you think it is.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton wasted no time going public with their relationship, and now that everyone in the world knows they’re an item, they’re not holding back on the PDA. From the red carpet to a movie outing with Stefani’s kids, there’s literally no place the couple won’t display their love for each other, including their place of work.

Although unlike us regular folk would most likely be fired for bringing our significant others to work, when you work on a TV singing competition that’s all about the ratings, it’s almost required.

Even though Stefani is not serving as a coach for this season of the voice, she did manage to make her way to the show in the form of a mentor for Shelton’s picks. “Blake wanted to bring in an expert to help you guys,” Stefani, 46, told Shelton’s team “So [he] called me.”

“A country music expert,” Shelton teased to which Stefani replied: “I’m getting there, though! I loved working outside of my lane.” But the exchange wouldn’t be complete without Shelton noting that it isn’t just Stefani’s knowledge of music and the music industry that make her a good mentor, “Also, she’s hot,” he noted.