Here Is a Mural of Kanye West Cheating on Kim Kardashian with His One True Love

This is something that you just can’t un-see.

We are all very aware that Kanye West is a passionate human both in-person and on the interweb. Thus, it comes as no surprise that romantic displays of public affection are just as grandiose as his public displays of contempt, even if they’re mildly fictional.

An Australian artist Scott Marsh painted this giant mural of West making out with himself with a snug ass-grab and all on the side of Zigi’s Wine and Cheese Bar in Sydney. “No one can love Kanye quite like Kanye,” Marsh wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, March 19.

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The mural is based on this photo of West kissing his wife, Kim Kardashian, at the Grammy Awards.


If this artist’s rendering of West’s one true love takes Kardashian by surprise, we can definitively confirm a double count of narcissism in this marriage. Otherwise, launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos Kim wearing a jacket with her face on it.