So Spoiled: ‘Daredevil’ Bows In, Hannah Gets Intimate on Spa Retreat

Charlie Cox and Rosario Dawson Believe ‘Daredevil’ Is a Role Model for Kids with Disability
Yes, the Marvel comic book character is a masked hero, but he’s also a blind man who overcame his disability.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Need to get caught up on your favorite show? We’ve got all the spoilers from the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Once Upon a Time and more!

Didn’t catch the latest episode of AMC’s zombie-filled show? Well, Denise convinces Rosita and Daryl to take her out of Alexandria for medicine, but she doesn’t make it back… Also, Carol breaks up with Tobin and leaves town! Only two more episodes left… [Comic Book]

Missed the latest episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time? Never fear! Hades hangs Hook over the River of Lost Souls. And Emma rescues him! And get this, Belle is pregnant! [HollywoodLife]

Too busy to start binging season two of Daredevil? We got you covered! Foggy and Matt have a new client: Gotto, a member of the Irish mob looking for protection. Karen and Matt attempt to keep their new client safe in a hospital, but The Punisher shows up gunning for him. Karen and Grotto get away but the new villain gets a shot off on Matt. Does he survive? [Fansided]

Somehow missed out on Hannah Horvath’s latest escapades on Girls? Well…she joins her mother for a weekend at a spa retreat to help Loreen get through the discovery that Tad is gay. While there, Hannah, befriends a nice woman named Holly and, um, goes down on her for about 30 seconds, then gets over it. [Entertainment Weekly]