Celebites: 7 Delicious Remixes on Chris Pratt’s In-Flight Hard-Boiled Eggs

Your eggs look like they could use a makeover.

Overnight Hulk Chris Pratt recently shared a photo on Instagram of his protein-packed lunch of seven hard-boiled eggs that he received gratuitously from Delta airlines. Even Pratt acknowledged that this plate of chicken fruits was an ambitious gastronomical endeavor to consume within tight airborne quarters.

“I hope you’re down with farts on your plane,” he wrote in the caption of the photo below, which he very maturely hashtagged #HotSnakesOnAPlane. “Did you know that you technically can not smell farts in space? Which if I’m not mistaken is where the planes go. So as long as I don’t do it before we break through the atmosphere and into deep space on this Delta flight we’ll be fine.”

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We are not above entertaining Pratt’s fart cuisine which is why we have rounded up 7 remixes on the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s lunch in the first installment of Celebites, where we serve you with recipes inspired by celebrity foodgrams that have graced our social feed.

First, start by heading over to The Kitchn to get a comprehensive rundown of the best hard boiled egg practices. If you’re already an amateur, use this handy guide via Chrissy Teigen to determine the perfect cook time based on your preference of yolk yellowness.


Then, launch the gallery at the top of the page to get finger-licking recipes for Momofuku Soy Sauce Eggs, pretty pink Pickled Eggs and Barbecue Ranch Deviled Eggs that can be prepared as a dinner party appetizer or can be eaten whole while watching Ricki and the Flash and chugging in-flight bottles of booze.