Prince Harry Gave an Ultra-Feminist Speech in Nepal and We’re All Here for It

Golf claps all around.

Prince Harry offered words of support to the global fight for feminism in a poignant speech made at the Nepal Girl Summit in Kathmandu, backed by the President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari.

“Madam President, you have championed the opportunities for women and girls in Nepal for many years and it is a privilege to share this stage with you today,” he began.

Harry described how his charity, Sentebale, has helped thousands of children access education and healthcare in Southern Africa. “Closer to home, in Nottingham, England, I have seen first-hand the transformational effect of even the smallest opportunity in keeping a child away from gangs, keeping them in school, and on track to a more fulfilling and prosperous life,” the British royal continued.

He acknowledged that he hadn’t spoken out on issues of feminism in the past, but now he feels that it is important to offer his support as a male given that countries protect the rights and privileges of young boys while overlooking those of females.

“I believe it is vitally important for men like me to acknowledge this as loudly and openly as role models do like President Bhandari, the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and activists like Malala [Yousafzai],” said Harry. “We won’t unlock these opportunities for young women and girls unless we can change the mind-set of every family and community. To achieve this, it cannot just be women who speak up for girls. So, let’s be open about some of the challenges facing young women.”

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