Hurricane ‘B6′ Is Upon Us as Unlisted Videos Brew in Beyoncé’s VEVO Account

Please take this time to locate the oxygen masks above your seat and to ensure that your seatbelt is securely fastened.

Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé. You sly and elusive creature. Twitter has caught on to your scheming ahead of the TIDAL storm release of your sixth album that’s bound to unfold all too soon.

On the evening of Mar. 23, it was noted that Beyoncé’s iTunes page was down and that 13 new unlisted videos were added to her VEVO channel.

Shady Music Facts, the Twitter account that first mentioned the situation, has updated their post to note that the iTunes page is up and running and that the “album is confirmed” for an April release.

As BuzzFeed reported, her page lists 120 music videos even though there are only 107 currently available to view on the page meaning that a total of 13 are still dormant somewhere in the interwebz. “Formation” was the first unlisted video on her account and remains as such, because if it is life from Beyoncé that you seek, you will crawl to her accordingly.


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