Kim Kardashian Has Already Lost 42 Pounds After Giving Birth to Saint West

Kim Kardashian Has 'Anxiety' Over 'Gaining a Lot of Weight'
Kim Kardashian is really worried about her weight, you guys.

Kim Kardashian is adamant on dropping those pregnancy pounds.

The mom-of-two, who is on the Atkins diet to help her shed weight, has just revealed that she’s lost 42 pounds since giving birth to son Saint West. Kardashian, 35, writes on her app, “Getting back in shape after I had North was SO tough. I’m in the middle of doing the same thing right now after having Saint, and I’m so excited that I’m 42 lbs. down!”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star also shares a slideshow video of selfies she took when she was at her goal weight after welcoming daughter North West. According to her, she uses these photos to help her stay motivated.

“I was pretty proud of myself. I had gotten to a really good shape. I had lost some weight. I had lost all my weight at this point,” she says. “I just wanted to take some pictures—some selfies—to remember how I felt when I just felt like, ‘Okay, I did it. I accomplished it. I am in really good shape. I did it. I lost all that weight.'”

She continues, “I look back now at photos like this that kinda inspire me and I remember, ‘Okay, I did it then, I can do it now.'”

As previously reported, Kardashian gained about 60 pounds during her second pregnancy, weighing 190 pounds right before she gave birth.

She also claimed that gaining weight was God’s way of teaching her a lesson about being hot. While she was carrying Saint, Kardashian revealed that pregnancy was “the worst experience” of her life and that she couldn’t wait to get skinny again.

It looks like someone’s getting her wish.