Adele Fangirls Over Mariah Carey: ‘She Should Be in the Bible’

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Adele might be the biggest Mariah Carey fan there is.

There’s this sort of ridiculous unwritten rule that music’s biggest divas just can’t get along, which has been further fueled by the antics of singers like Carey claiming she has no idea who Jennifer Lopez is. But there’s, at least, one diva who didn’t get the memo, because Adele had a full on fangirl moment during her concert while talking about Carey.

Adele began talking about Carey during her set asking fans, “Did you read that article the other day where Mariah Carey called the lighting abusive?” Adele found the headline particularly hilarious, and went on far as to liken Carey to someone from the bible, “She is so biblical that lady. It’s a joke. I absolutely adore her. I love her. I think she should be in the bible.”

Launch the video up top to see Adele’s fangirl moment.