Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

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Promotional Still for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
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This weekend the Dark Knight goes head-to-head with the Man of Steel! There will be explosions! There will be new DC characters! Few doubt this thing is going to be a box office dud, but will anyone actually like it?

This is what the critics are saying…

“In the battle between Batman and Superman, I pick Wonder Woman for the win. It’s not that the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel don’t get in their licks in Zack Snyder‘s Freudian free-for-all between two mama’s boys — it’s just that Gal Gadot‘s wowza of a Wonder Woman is the kick-ass revelation at this party.”

-Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]

“So Batman v Superman is kind of dopey and plays out some laborious plot twists in the DC narrative at unnecessary length, but as I’ve already said it largely kept me entertained for two and a half hours, which is not nothing.”

-Andrew O’Hehir [Salon]

“As directed by Zack Snyder, the two-hour, 33-minute Batman v Superman does go on too long and lingers more than it should, as Snyder’s “Man of Steel” did before it, on its climactic action set pieces.”

-Kenneth Turan [Los Angeles Times]

“Though hyped for more than a year as a Clash of the Titans epic, the final product is 151 minutes of gloom and doom. Not only is it the anti-Deadpool, it takes itself more seriously than a Best Picture Oscar winner.”

-Mara Reinstein [Us Weekly]

“For fun there are shots of the heroes shirtless and of Lois Lane in the bath. But the point of Batman v Superman isn’t fun, and it isn’t thinking, either. It’s obedience. The theology is invoked not to elicit meditations on mercy, justice or sacrifice, but to buttress a spectacle of power. And in that way the film serves as a metaphor for its own aspirations. The corporations that produce movies like this one, and the ambitious hacks who sign up to make them, have no evident motive beyond their own aggrandizement.”

-A.O. Scott [The New York Times]

“A near-total drag, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plays like a loose, unofficial quarter-billion-dollar remake of The Odd Couple, in which Oscar and Felix are literally trying to kill each other.”

-Michael Phillips [Chicago Tribune]