WATCH: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Cast Spoofs Kimmy Schmidt’s ‘Peeno Noir’

'Orange Is the New Black' Cast Try Out Tinder
The ladies of Lichtfield are on the prowl.

This. Is. Glorious.

To get fans excited for the new season, Netflix has released a music video featuring the cast of Orange Is the New Black as they parody The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The ladies took on the viral song “Peeno Noir,” which is sung by Titus Burgess on the show. Rebranding it as “Honey Jar,” the inmates at Litchfield insert their own lyrics about their life behind bars.

Of course “honey jar” is what the inmates of Litchfield prison call their special stash of prison hooch. Taystee, Alex, Sophia, Crazy Eyes, Big Boo, Dascha, and all the rest of your fave prison ladies (sans Piper) make an appearance in the hilarious spoof.

Watch the video above! You will 100% have the tune stuck in your head all day.