Celebuzz’s 11 Favorite Things of the Week – Scuf Infinity1, WTRMLN WTR, Artémes Lashes and More

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Our featured item of the week is the Scuf Infinity1 Xbox One controller:

If you’re into gaming you’re going to absolutely LOVE this game controller!

The SCUF Infinity1 is designed for use on Xbox One and PC. It offers infinite levels of customization so gamers can fully interchange key areas of function, features and design and all on the fly.

Scuf Infinity1 Xbox One controller

This is what our editor Gabi had to say about her Scuf Infinity1 Xbox One controller that she personally designed (see the photo above):

I wouldn’t say I am a huge gamer, but I am one of those people who get so into a game that my hands will cramp up from my perpetual death grip. This controller is a literal game changer. Not only can you customize the cosmetics of the controller (hello, anodized gold finish) and make it look as cool as hell, but you can also add features to it that enhances your gaming experience. The patented paddle control system shortens response time and utilizes all of your hand during gameplay, while an addition of a control disc on the D-pad improves accuracy. This controller is so good that even the pros — you know, people who actually get paid to play video games — reach for these controllers when they’re competing in tournaments.

The SCUF Infinity1 Ring and Lock system allows you to replace thumbsticks quickly and easily on the Infinity1 controller.

SCUF Infinity1 Rings are fully removable, come in various color options and are made with high grade self-lubricating materials to provide a pro-grade finish so the thumbsticks glide on contact.

The Infinity1 for Xbox One allows YOU to customize your controller on the fly, anytime – no limits. Choose to play with 0-4 SCUF paddles and change them on the fly.

SCUF Infinity1

The SCUF FPS Adjustable Trigger Grips offer superior trigger control on the SCUF Infinity1. The grips come in a variety of colors are interchangeable for full or reduced trigger movement and are made of high-grade contoured materials.

The Adjustable Hair Triggers are externally adjusted with the SCUF Key to modify the tension of your trigger to suit your gameplay.

Exclusive to Scuf Gaming, the SCUF Control Disc improves accuracy, pinpoint control and is fully removable. This fully rotating disc is especially suited for fighting and sports games.

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