Is Adele Planning to Take a 5-Year Break from Music After Her Tour?

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Adele Twerks
She who twerks in Burberry is one classy broad.

But…but…we just got her back.

It’s only been six months since Adele has been back in the spotlight with her latest album, 25, but the singer is reportedly already looking for a break. According to a pal close to her, “she will step away from the limelight for five years before she next brings out an album.” The reason? To see her 3-year-old son grow up. “She’s still very new to motherhood and doesn’t want to miss out on Angelo growing up,” the source shared with The Sun. “It will be a hard thing for fans to hear.”

Her tour is expected to conclude in November, which means we don’t have that much time left if Adele does plan to focus on her family instead of her career for a while. We had to wait four years between 21 and 25, and now she’s pushing us to five years. FIVE. YEARS.

Let’s just really hope her “close pal” is really, really wrong.