Azealia Banks Basically Assaulted a Photographer Outside Manhattan Court

Azealia Banks' In-Flight Homophobic Rant
Apparently, the skies aren't so friendly for Azealia Banks.

Azealia Banks is not helping her case.

Following an appearance for allegedly attacking a bouncer at a New York nightclub in December, the rapper lashed out at photographers on Monday (Mar. 28, 2016) as she left court. She was also heard hurling homophobic slurs at the paparazzi and and slapping two of their cameras away.

“That’s assault! That’s assault! You want me to report you to the police?” the paparazzi can be heard saying. But that didn’t stop her. Instead, she yelled at them to move. “She came out of court and started going towards a group of us photographers and journalists,” Michael Graae told the DailyMail, “She was pretty smiley until all of a sudden, she got really angry.”

Then when she finally got into her car, she rolled down the window and yelled, “Suck my d–k, f—ts!”​ before driving away. This isn’t the first time Banks has gone on a homophobic rant. Back in September, she and a Delta employee had a heated disagreement on a plane.

Watch the video below to see her encounter with the paps.