Ellen Page Is a Vision on Newest Issue of ‘Malibu Magazine’

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Actress Ellen Page Covers the Latest Issue of Malibu Magazine
CREDIT: Malibu Magazine
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Ellen Page got emotional when talking about what it's like living as an openly gay person.

The inspiring young actress chats about her new documentary series and the places it’s taken her!

Ellen Page is on a mission to find and document LGBTQ culture all over the globe with her show Gaycation.

The actress spoke with Malibu Magazine about what she has experienced so far on this journey.

“You want to have more LGBT stories represented, and obviously we’re seeing that shift, but of course we need more. A big part of making Gaycation, too, is being able to have the community represented and those stories told.”

Page is quick to clarify that while the experience of uncovering LGBTQ stories is exciting, it is also devastating to see the mistreatment of individuals attempting to authentically live their lives.

Ellen Page Covers 'Malibu Magazine'
CREDIT: Malibu Magazine

“There have been so many different kinds of interesting, because the show is about the joys and the triumphs, or just the nightlife or the day-to-day life or what have you, but sadly it’s also about discrimination and the struggles that a lot of people face who are oppressed. So it’s hard, the word ‘interesting.’”

The 29-year-old also spoke about some of the incredible things she has witnessed.

“We were able to film and be a part of the very first public sort of ‘Pride’ celebration in Jamaica, and I just can’t even begin to say how moved and honored I felt to be able to witness that and grateful to the people who allowed us to be there, because a lot of people didn’t want to be interviewed anonymously, or would drop out kind of last minute.”

The April issue of Malibu Magazine is on newsstands now.