#WCW: 10 GIFs That Prove Birthday Girl Celine Dion Is a Weirdo Just Like Us

Celine Dion Covers Adele's 'Hello'
It's as amazing as you expect it to be.

Happy birthday, Celine Dion!

The singer turns 48 today (Mar. 30, 2016) and we are wishing her nothing but the best on her special day. Although it’s been a difficult year for her, Celine proves over and over again that her heart will go on. So to celebrate her birthday, we not only made her Celebuzz’s Woman Crush Wednesday this week, but we also put together some of her best GIFs that also prove she’s hilarious.

Let’s put it this way: We should all be more like Celine. She’s got no problem pulling faces and making fun of herself all the time, so over the years, it comes to no surprise that some of the best GIFs have been made because of her. Don’t believe us? Further proof is below.

1. She doesn’t mind dancing like a total nerd


2. Or being super expressive while telling stories


3. She does weird things like this


4. And this…


5. Then there was the time she pulled this move


6. She also did this while she was pregnant


7. She weirdly knows how to work a baton like no one else


8. And does weird stuff like this during interviews


9. She usually pulls one of this moves on stage


10. But never before ending her songs SUPER dramatically like this


It’s very safe to say Celine Dion’s entire existence was basically made to be GIFed.

[Source: GIPHY]