Is Beyonce Getting Ready to Drop a Surprise Album Featuring Adele?!

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Scientifically unconfirmed, but our hearts know this to be true

It’s obviously too good to be true, right?

Early Wednesday (Mar. 30, 2016) morning the alleged release confirmation for Beyonce’s inevitable upcoming album began making the rounds on Twitter. The picture of the grainy document emblazoned with the Parkwood company logo, reveals that Queen Bey’s next album will be titled “Formation,” is set to be released to Tidal subscribers on April 1st, and then the rest of the world on April 8th. But it’s not just revealing the title and release date, it also boasts an alleged track list with songs including features from Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Adele.

Obviously, the BeyHive absolutely lost it. Could it be possible that a new Beyonce album is mere days away?!?! And could the collab we’ve all been waiting for, actually be happening?!?! Or is it all just an elaborate April Fools joke meant to send the sometimes overenthusiastic BeyHive into an absolute frenzy?

If we had to put money on it, we’d go with the latter. Tidal may have had its issues, including sorta, kinda releasing Rihanna’s album too early, but Queen Bey is not one to be messed with. Do you honestly think it would be this easy to get your hands on Bey intel? Yea, don’t think so.  So while a Beyonce/Adele collab is literally all anyone could every want (especially one called “Lemonade Taste”), we’ll probably have to wait a little bit longer.

(But just in case we’re wrong, you might want to sign up for your free Tidal trial tomorrow, lest Beyonce break it on April 1st.)