WATCH: Iggy Azalea Releases Music Video for ‘Team’

Iggy Azalea tears around in cars, spray paints planes and gets arrested in her newest video!

Today, the Aussie lyricist released the video for her addictive track “Team.” At the video’s outset, Iggy is rolling across an airfield in a sports car like a boss. Before long, she is going through a TSA check at an airport; then finally she is rocking choreographed danced moves in front of a tagged airplane.

The visuals suit Iggy’s luxurious style, and the anthemic, danceable rhythm on the track.

This debut comes just after a video recorded by NBA baller D’Angelo Russell was released showing Iggy’s fiancé Nick Young confessing to cheating on her, reportedly sending their relationship into free fall.

In a way, this makes the song’s chorus seem more relevant than ever for the performer: “Baby I got me/Baby I got me/And that’s all I need/Yeah that’s all I need/Baby I got me/Only friend I see/Playing on my team/Is someone like…”

Her album Digital Distortion comes out in June. Check out the video above!