WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Thinks She Looks ‘Chunky’ in This Mirror Selfie


With the amount of uncertainty in the world today, we all need something we can agree on, and the fact that Jennifer Lopez has a smoking hot body, is definetly one of them. It’s basically undebatable, right? Right. That is unless you ask Lopez herself.

During an appearance on The View Thursday morning (Mar. 31, 2016), the talk show hosts compliment the the triple threat on her body before asking her how exactly she got it. But before Lopez can even give an answer, she takes a moment to criticize one of the selfies that popped on the screen behind her.

“I was a little bit on the chunky side there, as you can see,” she says looking back at the photo. “WHAT?!?” replied Raven Symone (and literally all of America). “Do I need to show you what chunky looks like?” added Whoopi Goldberg. “This is a little bit on the chunky side.”

Lopez quickly back peddled, clarifying she just meant her weight fluctuates a couple of pounds, and that particular picture was taken during a time her weight fluctuated up. “My weight fluctuates 7 – 8 pounds all of the time,” she revealed.

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