Amber Rose’s Emoji App, MuvaMoji, Has Already Made Her Millions

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amber rose emoji app muvamoji has made millions
CREDIT: Amber Rose/MuvaMoji/Instagram

Haterz can show themselves out the door they uninvitingly walked through.

Amber Rose‘s new life-giving emoji app, MuvaMoji, is reportedly raking in the millions.

Sources close to the author-model tell TMZ that she first got a huge check from the company who developed the app. And yesterday on opening day, MuvaMojo, which costs $1.99, raked in over $2 million alone part of which she also gets a cut of.

So far, all that amounts to $4 million.

#1 in the App Store! #muvamoji

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It’s also #1 on the Apple app store.

It’s safe to say that MuvaMoji is an immediate success, in spite of the fact that her friends have allegedly called her out for copying Kim Kardashian‘s booty-positive app Kimoji.

The new Kimoji update is here! A whole new vibe! Now available in Android and iOS!

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Amber, however, is adamant that there was no attempt to imitate or copy Kim’s emojis.

MuvaMoji has a variety of sexy emoji’s from a dozen different categories, including LGBT pride, NSFW adult-themed ones as well as animated, all of them sex-positive, odd yet amazing as well as reflective of Amber’s personality.

If you haven’t already bought it, maybe you should.