Taylor Swift’s Rapping Apple Music Ad Is Painful, Literally

Ariana Grande Would Totally Join Taylor Swift's Squad
"Do you think you have to do anything weird to get in?"


Apple Music just debuted it’s latest commercial and it’s a doozy. The minute-long ad features Taylor Swift picking out the perfect playlist before getting her cardio on.

Swift admits she “hates cardio,” (welcome to the club girl) before choosing the #GymFlow playlist which begins with the song “Jumpman,” by Drake and Future. Swift gets her game face on, before she hits the treadmill, rapping along to the song.

In typical Swift fashion, the singer gets a little too excited, rapping and dancing on the treadmill, so it only takes a few seconds before the inevitable happens: she faceplants.

Launch the video up top to see the commercial Swift says is based on “true events.”