WATCH: Netflix’s April Fool’s Day Prank Is a John Stamos Documentary, and It Should Be a Real Thing

This is the Fuller House star at his best!

Today, you will be bombarded by April Fool’s Day pranks from every corner of the internet, but it’s safe to say Netflix set the bar with an amazing, ridiculous, over-the-top fake trailer for a John Stamos documentary titled John Stamos: A Human, Being.

Released this morning, the clip starts off with the TV hunk chillin’ before a collage of images of, you guessed it, himself. Sporting a black turtleneck, he passionately discusses how the streaming giant and he decided to join forces to bring the world something truly special: the story of John Stamos.

What follows is a hilarious hodgepodge of Stamos silliness set to pulsing, inspirational music. As images chronicling the actor’s (genuinely) impressive career blur and coalesce to the narration (also by John Stamos), one thing becomes unmistakably clear: we need more John Stamos in our life.

Check out the amazingness above! To quote the actor, “Lights…camera…Stamos.”

UPDATE Friday, April 1st, 12:31 p.m. It appears the joke isn’t over for John Stamos and the folks over at Netflix. A video found its way online of the actor having a meltdown in the lobby of the media company. It certainly looks like the next chapter in their mutual April Fool’s Day joke, but if you wanna believe this video is legit, no one’s stopping you. Warning, definitely a NSFW clip:

If that isn’t enough pseudo controversy for you, Stamos also took to Twitter to claim that Netflix is attempting to make his career the butt of a joke.

Stay tuned. This one might be unfolding all day…