WATCH: Adele Sings ‘All I Ask’ A Cappella After Sound Failure at Concert

Way to slay!

Proving that she’s a true professional with the voice better than all your faves, Adele powered through her performance of “All I Ask” like a champ on Saturday (April 2, 2016) in Birmingham, England after the speakers abruptly cut out.

Around two minutes into her song, sound for her microphone and piano went out and forced the 27-year-old to sing a cappella in front of the sold out crowd. Without missing a beat, the songstress went on — joined by the audience singing along — to finish the song.

After the performance, Adele revealed that she had no idea that her show had suffered a technical difficulty.

“Why did you all start cheering mid-way through. It scared the life out of me. I thought there was a streaker on stage. What was that?” Adele asked the crowd. “The sound went off? The PA fucking cut off? Well, it didn’t cut off in my ears. I could hear myself.”

She added about lip syncing claims, “Tell them I wasn’t miming. They might think I was miming, I wasn’t miming. Every fucking show I sing live!”

In February, Adele’s performance of the same the tear-jerking ballad suffered a mishap when she performed at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Despite the hiccup, she received a standing ovation for continuing even after her microphone had stopped working.

She later explained that there was a technical glitch that made her sound off-key. She also told fans she comforted herself after the ceremony with some In-N-Out burgers.

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