‘American Idol’ Will Never Ever, Ever, Ever, Die

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American Idol may be in its 15th and purported final season, but if show creator Simon Fuller has anything to say about it, it won’t be the last you see if Idol. In fact, Fuller sat down with The Hollywood Reported and insisted, “There will no doubt be another format or refinement or elevation of the format.”

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Indeed, Fuller, who worked in music publishing and A&R before managing artists like the Spice Girls, is already planning American Idol, “the next generation.” Over the course of an hour on a recent afternoon, he talked to THR about the next steps in the evolution of Idol, while looking back at series’ early years.

How important is it to you to preserve the legacy of American Idol?

Simon Fuller: For the last 15 seasons we’ve been very protective of the TV show. We’ve never done more than one season a year. The touring and merchandising has always been thoughtful. I think we’ve had great integrity [in] protecting the brand so it wasn’t tarnished. So here we are facing our last season on Fox and now the legacy can be more in our focus. Now we can catch our breath. It allows me to rethink the show for the first time.  When you’re a No. 1 show, it’s hard to be too bold and brazen about changing the format because it’s working and succeeding. Also, you’re always rushing to get the next season completed. Now we start with a clean sheet of paper.

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