Scott Patterson Poses at Luke’s Diner with ‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino

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Scott Patterson Poses with Amy Sherman-Palladino on the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Set
CREDIT: Scott G. Patterson/Twitter

The best restaurant in Star’s Hollow is opening its doors once again with Luke (Scott Patterson) behind the counter!

Like Fuller House, the Gilmore Girls revival is incorporating the places and people that made the original show so special.

Us Weekly reports:

Does he have coffee on standby? Gilmore Girls star Scott Patterson is back at Luke’s Diner — and his wardrobe hasn’t changed a bit! The actor posted a photo while on the set of the Netflix revival with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino over the weekend.

“Amy Sherman-Palladino and I comparing hats. She wins!” Patterson, 57, captioned the cute Twitter photo. “#GilmoreGirls #GilmoreGirlsRevival @Netflix @WarnerBrosEnt.”

In the pic, the former baseball pro rocked Luke’s go-to baseball cap and a red plaid shirt. Sherman-Palladino wore a fur hat. Whether Kirk (Sean Gunn) was nagging him off to the side is yet to be determined.

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