Selena Gomez Is Developing the Latina Equivalent of ‘Empire’

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Can we get a “hell yes”?

Selena Gomez is taking her talents behind the camera to executive produce a new show for Freeform (R.I.P. ABC Family), which Deadline describes as the “Latina Empire”. The untitled drama reportedly takes place in a in a low income Latino neighborhood and is narrated from the perspective of an “18-year-old girl destined for greatness”.

The story comes inspired by the true experience of a Los Angeles high school student named Ana Cobarrubias, whose philanthropic efforts within her impoverished community directly inspired Gomez’s development partner, Aaron Kaplan, when he witnessed her speech at The Zimmer Children’s Museum Discovery Award Dinner in November.

Cobarrubias will be a consultant on the project, and there are no plans for Gomez to appear in the drama as an actress.

Watch Cobarrubias’ inciting speech, and read more about the production over on