Kat Graham Is Leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries’ After Season 8

Nina Dobrev Talks Leaving 'The Vampire Diaries' Cast
How the actress feels about exiting the show.

Another series regular is leaving The Vampire Diaries.

Following the footsteps of Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham has announced that she will be exiting the beloved CW show after Season 8. The 26-year-old has played Bonnie Bennett since the pilot episode in 2009.

“Season 8 will be my last season,” Graham tells Us Weekly. “I just hope that whatever I do after, the crew can come with me. If the crew can come with me, then we’ll be good. The crew is going to be the hardest thing to let go, because we are a family.”

“But you know what, another season is a whole other year, and we’re going to blow it out,” she adds.

The Vampire Diaries is currently airing its seventh season.

Though rumors of Ian Somerhalder being killed off from the supernatural series have also been swirling the past few months, showrunner Julie Plec insisted earlier this year that the show will go on as long as the Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continue to stay on as the Salvatore brothers.

“I finally realized that my destiny on this show, creatively, is tied in to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. And I mean that in a really good way,” she told E! News. “As long as those boys who I now consider my friends want to keep telling the story, then I won’t walk away from telling the story.”