This Man Spent Thousands of Dollars to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Man Pays $150,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian
It costs a lot to look like Kim Kardashian.
Man Who Paid $150,000 to Look Kim Kardashian Wants a Bigger Butt
His quest to look like Kim Kardashian's isn't over just yet.

He’s giving Kylie Jenner’s lips a run for their money.

A man named James Holt has spent over £21,000 — approximately $29,740 in U.S. dollars — on lip injections and other cosmetic surgeries to look like is idol, Kim Kardashian. Holt, 22, has reportedly had over 50 lip filler procedures to plump up his pout in order to resemble the reality star.

According to The Sun, Holt’s lips have gotten so big thanks to his obsession that he’s now on a liquid diet because he can’t eat properly. He’s also said to have been hospitalized in the past because his filler had started leaking from his mouth.

“When I get my lips done it initially makes me feel amazing, but after a few weeks it goes down. So I book an appointment to get more,” he tells the publication. “There’s so much more I want to do. I want to look really plastic and fake.”

“I love the Kardashians,” Holt adds. “They all have that incredible big butt and small waist look.”

However, Holt isn’t the first man to have dropped thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures in order to look like Kardashian. A man named Jordan James Parke previously paid $150,000 for beauty enhancements like injections and eyebrow tattoos in order to bare some sort of resemblance to Mrs. Kanye West.

Parke later appeared on Botched, an E! reality show about plastic surgeries that have gone awry, after his lip fillers started leaking.