WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Gets ‘Colorful’ With Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle

 ‘Life on Mars’
Jimmy Fallon performs David Bowie’s classic with Chris Martin.

Jimmy Fallon kept things playful and sexy on his most recent lip sync battle against Melissa McCarthy who got DMX-rated and messy.

An old hand at the lip synching battle game, Jimmy opened his competition with McCarthy with “Brand New Key.” going through the motions of putting on a pair of rollerskates and just generally being whimsical.

However, things got serious when Melissa donned a black baseball cap for her take on the DMX classic, “Gonna Give It To Ya,” getting in Jimmy’s face and doing her best dance moves.

Surprise on @fallontonight Jimmy & I get Krazzzzy

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Not to be outdone, Fallon countered with a new song, Zayn Malik’s sexy “Pillowtalk,” using a pillow to fully explore the nuances of the seductive tune.

But it was Melissa’s closer of the Pocahontas hit song, “Colors of the Wind” that really brought down the house, when the comedian donned a pair of protective glasses and allowed herself to be covered in glitter.