So Spoiled: ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and More!

So many shows, so many questions…

With the fall-winter shows wrapping up and a slew of shows on the horizon, the internet is buzzing with questions about what’s coming next. TV execs are sharing some intriguing bits of information on shows like Fear the Walking Dead, Jane the Virgin, Supergirl and more!

So here’s some hints on what to expect…

Should Supergirl fans expect a character to die in the season finale?

“Yes, you should,” executive producer Greg Berlanti said. “Only because it would be a lot less exciting if I said no.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Fans of Nate and Annalise’s romance on How to Get Away with Murder, take notice for next season:

“The question is: What is Nate getting out of this?” executive producer Pete Nowalk asked. “Why, out of all the people in the world, does he pick Annalise? That will be fun to delve into. I love them on screen together, and I think they’re a beautiful couple.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Should Jane the Virgin fans prepare for another brutal cliffhanger?

“There’s a really great twist I’m dying to have revealed at the end of Episode 17 [tentatively set to air April 11],” executive producer Jennie Urman said. “I can’t say what it is, but I’m so excited for it. We’ve been laying things [for it] for a while.” [TV Line]

Will viewers of Fear the Walking Dead ever find out how the Cobalt operation wiped out Los Angeles?

“We’ll get a hint,” EP Dave Erickson stated. “There will be an element of Cobalt that we will see, but we won’t go down the military road.” [Entertainment Weekly]