8 Reasons Beyonce Hasn’t Released B6 Yet

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Bey, what are you waiting for?

Today (Apr. 6, 2016), marks exactly one month since Beyonce blessed the world with “Formation” and we’ve been waiting, single on repeat, for an album ever since. Because let’s be honest, there has to be an album, right? She can’t have possibly blessed us with one of her best singles ever, and not planned to follow it up with an entire album. Especially since days later she announced a whole new tour. Beyonce is EVERYTHING (in my opinion at least), but not even she can carry a whole tour on just a single.

So there has to be a reason, no matter how farfetched, she’s keeping us waiting. Here are of few of my theories:

1. She’s planning to break Rihanna‘s record for longest wait ever between albums.

2. She and Jay Z are currently recording a joint album, and Jay’s being a bit of a diva.

3. The “Formation World Tour” is secretly a Destiny’s Child reunion tour and Beyonce, Kelly Rowand, and Michelle Williams are dropping an album on the opening night of the tour. (“Survivor Pt. 2 anyone?)

4. She’s not planning to release another album until the stars align on 04.04.2044.

5. She asked Blue Ivy to draw a picture to accompany each song, and Blue’s artistic process cannot be disturbed.

6. She was planning to drop the album on her 8th wedding anniversary but was upstaged by Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s engagement, so she had to push it back.

7.The “Formation World Tour” is actually her final tour, and she’ll just be singing her greatest hits.

8. She’s planning to reveal she’s pregnant with baby number 2 and drop the album on the same day and has to wait until she officially reaches 12 weeks.