Tom Hiddleston Has Had It with the James Bond Rumors

The British actor is a little shaken (not stirred) by all the 007 rumors…

Would you like to see Tom Hiddleston clad in a perfectly tailored tuxedo and fighting international masterminds as the next James Bond? Of course you would! The thing is though, the studio behind the beloved spy franchise hasn’t talked to Hiddleston about the iconic role. They haven’t even reached out to him! Making all the rumors sorta tiresome for the star.

At the premiere of the AMC series The Night Manager, the 35-year-old actor chatted with Sky News about the never-ending Bond speculation.

“People have very strong opinions about Bond and why shouldn’t they? But it’s difficult to talk about because it’s a completely unreal conversation in a way,” he said. “I haven’t spoken to anyone who makes those films. It’s just an idea in people’s minds so it’s quite hard to engage with because it hasn’t come from me if that makes sense. It’s odd because it’s becoming overwhelming – not the thing of it, but the number of people per day who bring it up, it’s actually becoming a weird thing to deal with.”

Sometimes fan enthusiasm helps actors land roles and get movies made, Ryan Reynolds’ passion project Deadpool is an excellent example.

Time will tell if the suits behind the Bond films like the image of Mr. Hiddleston swirling martinis and performing death-defying stunts as much as fans.