Someone Needs to Give Oprah a Lesson in Emojis

You were supposed to be our hero.

Oprah Winfrey is all about social media in the May issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

“For me,” she explains, “social media is about spreading the frequency of good vibrations.”


The Weight Watchers empress reveals that her favorite emoji symbols are the thumbs up and the double thumbs up, which, to her, signify “like” and “really like”. However, Winfrey has misinterpreted the meaning of this chick: 💃

“So excited, I’m doing the hulu!” she exclaimed, describing the salsa dancer emoji.


Not quite, big O—but since it is a free country, you’re allowed to designate the symbols however you please.

“When the haters show up, I shut down,” she says in the issue. “I’ve learned not to respond to negativity. Responding only gives it more voice and power.”


Pick up the May issue of O: The Oprah Magazine, on newsstands now.

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