WATCH: Rick Astley Seeks to Rebrand with a New Non-‘Rickroll’ Single

“Never, never, never give up.”

Rick Astley is back after 23 years of living in strange afterglow of the “Rickroll“, an Easter egg placement of his “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video in an unexpected place, with a brand new single. The singer released a black-and-white video of the inspirational “Keep Singing” on Wednesday (Apr. 6), telling the British morning show, Lorraine, that he’s been working on music since the ’90s, but only just felt ready to step back into the spotlight.

“I’ve always dabbled with things,” he said. “I’ve just never been really desperate to make a record again. But I just feel comfortable enough to do it again.”

Astley is set to release a new album sometime this year and will announce its title today, according to a controversial announcement on his website.

Watch the video for “Keep Singing” in the player below.

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