This Is What Coco Looks Like After Not Going to the Gym for Almost a Year

Oh, did we also mention she gave birth during that time?

According to Coco, who gave welcomed her first child last November, she broke her workout hiatus this week after not going to the gym for almost a year. Taking to Instagram, the model shared a photo of her still rock-hard abs as she wrote about starting up her “gym grind” once again after giving birth.

“I stopped going pretty much a year ago when I got pregnant with Chanel. Well, 4 months after delivering her I have had no motivation because all I want to do is use my time to raise my baby and watch her grow,” she began. “So yesterday I took her to the gym with me and put her in childcare and worked out for 3 hours.. I took a spin and yoga class. (Yes my whole body is super sore today).”

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The 37-year-old continued, “I wanted to take a selfie afterward (seen here) to really see what I need to work on and surprising I liked what a saw.. I did eat really good through my pregnancy and now I can speak on it and say this is proof that with a decent diet and no gym your body can still stay somewhat together after a baby”

Coco credited her toned bod to having a big bowl of fruit everyday during her pregnancy. She also noted that she “got a little skinny” when she was pregnant and hopes to regain her figure again.

“I got a little skinny for my taste during pregnancy and want to build some muscle back and thankfully I have gained some weight back recently which I have gotten thicker naturally,” she explained. “A strong core (abs) are why I had a small baby bump and a fast labor…That’s key and very helpful for having a smooth pregnancy.”

When she was carrying her daughter, Coco defended her body after critics questioned her tiny baby belly and health.

I almost feel like I kind of got gypped a little because women start seeing something of a baby bump at four to five months. I didn’t see anything until eight months. I was kinda feeling gypped in a way because when you’re pregnant, you want a bump.”

“I’ve been a model for my entire life and so concerned about fitness and all that good stuff but I could care less about my body, honestly,” she wrote. “I could care less about my waist and the way I look. I just happen to be so healthy where pregnancy is really working well with my body. I love being pregnant through everything.”

Motherhood looks good on her, too!

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