Lukas Graham Says to Ask Taylor Swift, Adele ‘To Write F**king Love Songs’

In sum, we won’t be getting a “Wildest Dreams” cover from this guy any time soon.

Lukas Graham spills his truth onto the pages of Billboard magazine in a blunt interview where he confidently discusses his rise to success and his talents that have skyrocketed his music to the top of the charts.

The 27-year-old singer is described to have taken wardrobe selection into his own hands while on-set of the photo shoot featured in the magazine’s spread. When it’s suggested that he change out of his plain white T-shirt and into something “more stylish”, Graham persists on staying in the clothes on his back.

“If I am going to have my picture taken, then I’m going to wear my own f**ing clothes, not a biker leather jacket with a bunch of Michael Jackson zips,” he says. “Too many people don’t have big enough balls or ovaries to be themselves. I do.”

The artist, who began classical training at eight years old, realized that he had a talent early on by the impact of his voice. “I was still young when I realized my voice could make people shut the f**k up,” he says proudly before describing his few run-ins with the police. “I’ve only been arrested once, for a tiny bit of weed … A lot of people don’t function when they smoke, but I do quite well on it.”

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Graham explains that his band functions professionally under his name, a moniker created by a fusion of his late father’s middle name and his own, because he is the core behind their work.

“I write the songs. No ­matter how much I’ve tried, the other lads just aren’t lyricists.”

As his “7 Years” rises to No. 1 in Australian, Belgium, New Zealand, and more countries worldwide, Graham promises that he will stray far from falling into the trap of writing textbook ballads. When critics told him to attempt softer music, he reacted accordingly. “I was like: F– off. Ask Taylor Swift to write f–ing love songs,” said Graham. “That’s why I can’t listen to a whole record of Adele’s. She has the most amazing voice, but people must have ­convinced her they just want to hear love songs.”

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