Celebuzz’s 13 Favorite Things of the Week – Hawke & Co Boots, Swiss Army Victorinox Fragrances, LifeCell and More

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Our featured favorite thing of the week is the Hunter Midi Boot by Hawke & Co:

I lived in Chicago for over ten years and the weather was super unpredictable. It could rain one minute, be sunny the next and in the winter we could be having a blizzard one day, and then be experiencing a melting mess the next.

I so wish I had owned the Hunter Mid Boot by Hawke & Co back then seeing that they are wind resistant, waterproof and water repellent.

Hunter Mid Boot by Hawke & Co

With a mix of timeless fall tones and youthful vibrant colors, Hawke & Co’s Hunter Midi Boot gives you both a stylish, eye-catching design, and weatherproof reliability, in a convenient mid-top form.

They feature a water-resistant upper, with nylon padding and a pillow soft insole for increased comfort and mobility, and a lightweight body for lighter feet out on the town and durable shoes out on the hiking trails.

Regardless of where you live, these boots were made for walking, and ooze comfort!

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