Gigi Hadid and Her New Bangs Enjoy Date Night with Kendall Jenner

#KenGi = Goals.

Following the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Gigi Hadid and her new bangs enjoyed a date night with Kendall Jenner at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, Calif. She debuted her new hair on the red carpet looking practically unrecognizable. But are they real? Probably not. This isn’t the first time Hadid changes her hairstyle for a night. Last month, she and Jenner swapped hair colors.

Meanwhile, the two reunited with fellow model and BFF Cara Delevingne at the awards show, where they basically seemed to be having more fun than anyone else there.

After slaying the red carpet, the supermodels changed into something a little more comfortable. Jenner slipped into satin dress and knee high boots while Hadid covered up in baggy jacket. It’s safe to say the supermodels define #FriendshipGoals.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s night seemed to be going well until a paparazzi got in her face again. After a photographer got handsy with the reality star, she lashed out — as per usual — and told him not to touch her. Watch the video (via TMZ) below.