#MCM: 13 Reasons Why You Should Be Following Patrick Stewart on Twitter

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Are Adorable
Despite the fact that they aren't dating, and one of them is straight...

That is, if you’re not already following him.

Over the last couple of years, Sir Patrick Stewart has proved over and over again that his Twitter account is definitely one you should be following. Why? Well, because he literally doesn’t care what he puts out into the Twittersphere. Not only is he hilarious, but considering he’s one of the most respected actors in the industry, he’s so damn relatable. So for that reason and more, the star of the upcoming film, Green Room, is Celebuzz’s Man Crush Wednesday this week.

Whether he’s bonding with his BFF Sir Ian McKellen, or asking his followers if his outfit it on point, the 75-year-old knows how to make us laugh. Let’s not forget the time he announced he was married by posting a photo neck-deep in a colorful ball pool. Or the time he photoshopped himself onto a photo with Taylor Swift and her 1989 squad.

Check out 13 of Patrick Stewart’s best/hilarious tweets in the gallery above!