Farrah Abraham Is Expecting a Proposal in the Near Future: ‘I’m in My Prime’

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Farrah Abraham is feeling on top of her Teen Mom game in a new interview with Wonderwall, where she opens up about her feelings on her OG co-star Catelynn Lowell and her decision to seek help for anxiety and depression.

“I’m so happy that she did it and got to that point [where she was comfortable asking for help] because we all could tell that she was getting into a sad area in her life,” said Abraham. “I always hope and dream for all the women who I work with because I want them to be successful, happy, content parents who do positive in their parenting.”

In fact, Abraham is elated that she and Lowell can use their public platform as a means of helping other women who are in comparable situations. “It’s f**king amazing, and I’m really proud of it,” she of their impact. “So I just want to encourage others [to get help if they need it]. Even me! I’m not perfect. I still work on myself, and everyone else can too.”

Abraham hypothesizes that the reason that she hasn’t settled down is due to her lackluster communication skills. “I feel like that’s something to work on. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place,” she says. “But Dr. Jenn Mann [of Couples Therapy] has really helped me — and still does. Who knows, maybe an epiphany will happen.”

“I think I just need to keep being open cause when you’re a single parent, sometimes it’s really hard to be open when you’re so busy. But I always have my hopes up — I really do! I try to look my best, feel my best. I think that’s really important because it’s hard walking through life a little single.”

The reality star, who attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards with her sometimes-partner, Simon Saran, feels that the odds are in her favor.

“I’m in my prime,” says Abraham. “I’m blowing up in business and I’m so successful. I’m doing so well and I’m growing on a dating level. I just hope this year can maybe finish with, like, a proposal of some sort. I just feel like my best as a woman. I love my body, love my life, love my family. It’s pretty fantastic.”

2016 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet
CREDIT: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

“I’m like the woman with the ring, with the life, with the car, with the house, with everything already, and I just think it’s really a shame that I haven’t found someone.”

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