Makeup-Free Monday: Lindsay Lohan Glowing In This Instagram Selfie

Lindsay Lohan posted this makeup-free selfie and looks absolutely radiant.

She posted the photo along with a caption about how she wants to get a tan, but she looks pale and perfect in this photo.

Lohan sat down and talked to Into the Gloss back in 2014 about her favorite products.

Arcona Triad Pads are my favorite for cleansing. The smell is really good and it works like an exfoliator, too,” said Lohan to Into The Gloss.

She also shared that she used to not feel so good about her freckles, but has learned to love them.

“As a kid I used to hate my freckles and would always cover them. I don’t really feel that way now, and they’ve faded so much anyway that it’s not at the front of my mind,” said Lohan.

Lohan posted a photo on Instagram of her getting a treatment of CACI facial toning, a non-surgical face lift treatment.

The star looks amazing, healthy and glowing in this new photo. Keep being fabulous Lindsay!

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