WATCH: Trailer #2 for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Hints at Revenge in Westeros

Game of Thrones' Jon Snow and Ygritte (Kit Harington and Rose Leslie) Are a Couple IRL
'Game of Thrones' couple Jon Snow and Ygritte are a real life couple, y'all!

Spoilers are coming!

If you are waiting with baited breath for season six of Game of Thrones to arrive on April 24, then the second trailer will be both exciting and infuriating.

Okay, if you haven’t watched the second trailer, then that has to happen first…

So many questions! Let’s start with the Lannisters. It appears Tyrion is in Meereen fighting to lead, as well as win the people’s respect. Meanwhile, Jaime has returned to King’s Landing and is looking to wage all-out war with the Sparrows.

In the trailer, the High Sparrow asks the Kingslayer, “You would spill blood in this holy place?”

To which Jaime grips his sword and replies, “The gods won’t mind, they spill more blood than the rest of us combined…”

We also get some fleeting glimpses of Jaime leading an army through the city. Headed to Dorne to avenge Myrcella? To fight the Boltons in the north? Actually, they appear be marching on the Sparrows!

We also get a terrific line from Sansa Stark: “All I think about… What was taken from me.” This sound bite is paired with a shot of the Red Wedding scene, as well as the eldest Stark daughter riding on a horse while wearing the Stark sigil, which is an encouraging sight. Wouldn’t it be great if this is the season Sansa becomes a badass? Fingers crossed.

We are also given a look at Daenerys getting tied up and undressed in a tent, presumably a captive of the Dothraki, who find her at the end of season five. Girl can’t catch a break.

Davos Seaworth seems to be finding another identity after leaving Stannis’ army. In the trailer, he acts as the voice of reason, stating: “The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming.” This ominous line is paired with Night’s King, the leader of the Whiter Walkers, perhaps marching south?

And we see blind Arya getting a second chance at the House of Black and White!

But nothing beats the image of Drogon flying over what appears to be Dothraki-covered hills.

All these visuals just raise the already insanely high expectations for the HBO show’s return. But it looks like they will deliver!

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