Whitney Port Opens Up About Girl Time, the Reality of ‘The Hills,’ and Much More

ICYMI: Whitney Port Got Married in a Very Trendy Wedding Dress
Whitney Port finally wed longtime fiancé Tim Rosenman

Celebuzz! had the opportunity to talk to fashion designer and former reality TV star, Whitney Port.

The recently-married Port opened up about her partnership with Palm Breeze, the importance of girl time, her fashion line and blog, and the reality of reality TV.

Why did you decide to Partner up with Palm Breeze? What is it about the beverage that appeals to you?

I’m all about girl time, and making girl time happen in my life, for mental, emotional sanity, you need it. Palm Breeze is advocating the same thing with their drinks. They’re trying to create an environment for girls to get together more. We thought ‘let’s spread the word and bring back a little girl time this summer.’

I’m aware that Palm Breeze wants to advocate more girl time, what are you guys doing together to help push that message?

If you Shazam the can you can see all the footage where I’m giving girls tips on recipes, fun day trips to do with your girls, girls night out ideas, and fashion tips to go along with those ideas. You can see all of that by just Shazaming the can.

You’ve branched out into the fashion industry with your clothing line, Whitney Eve. How would you define this line to your target audience?

My line is fun and comfortable. Comfort is super important to me. It has fun prints, patterns, and textures. It’s really about all those vibrant key pieces in your wardrobe that you can accessorize with.

What are your favorite pieces in Whitney Eve, and what is the one thing from your current collection that you’re obsessed with?

There’s one thing that’s not necessarily part of my collection, but designed custom. I made these robes that I designed for my wedding day to have my best friends and family wear while we were getting ready. I then decided that I should design them for everyone so you can get them on my website, whitneyeve.com and they come in three different prints. You can get them for your bridesmaids, your best friends or even for yourself, but they make for really cute gifts.

What’s one trending piece that you believe is essential this season?

For me it’s definitely a floral romper. I think it’s something you’ve seen a lot of, but there’s so many different ways to style it. You can dress it up, dress it down, and with music festivals coming up you’re gonna see a lot of girls wearing it.

You continue to remain innovative, as seen with your website, WhitneyPort.com, what made you get started on this blog?

I really just wanted to share tips, it was as simple as that. On different accounts of social media people were asking certain questions, so I thought why not create a pretty little workable outlet, where people can visit, get my tips, find out what I’m up to, and shop looks, a place where they can feel apart of my community.

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What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

I just want to continue to inspire girls to step out of their comfort zones, to take fashion risks, and try new things. I want to continue innovating and inspire other innovators who are doing cool things.

What would you like visitors to get from your website? What kind of insight do you feel is the most important to share with them?

The most important insight that I feel I’m sharing with them is somewhat of the emotional stuff, and the career stuff, and how to balance everything, with being a modern-day millennial career work-woman definitely has its challenges, and so I try to stay real with it and express that with my tips on my site.

You got married back in October to The City’s producer, Tim Rosenman, but you guys got engaged two years prior. How different does it feel to be married compared to being engaged?

It feels amazing! You get that extra layer of support and confidence that you need to face on an every-day basis, and it’s just nice to have a partner-in crime like that. It feels better (being married), but logistically there’s nothing much different.

There was talk about The Hills being staged, and you previously explained how that wasn’t really the case, but do you believe that other reality tv shows are?

There certain things that everyone dramatizes and made a bigger deal of on the show, and I feel like we had to build up certain emotions that we otherwise wouldn’t have an a daily basis, like if we wouldn’t have really gotten upset over something, we felt the pressure to do so to make it a good show, and I think probably most reality shows are like that. I think that in order to make it to a reality show you need to have something to light a little bit of fire. Everyday life is not as dramatic as you see on TV.

Do you keep in touch with any of the other cast members on the show? Who would you say you’re the closest to?

The only person I really keep in touch with is Roxy Olin. No specific reasons at all, I just think we all are taking care of different things, and we’ve all grown up, and a lot of us are in relationships now, and it’s what happens. It’s not that anything about anyone in specific, and I think anyone of us would say that.

Would you consider ever going back to the small screen?

I would consider it. I wouldn’t want to go back to something that’s filming my private life, but I would consider going back on TV if the right opportunity presented itself, whether it me filing my business, or me being a judge on a show or a host on a style-type show.

Is there any other projects that you are working on that your fans should keep an eye out for in the near future?

There are somethings, but I’m keeping that all under wraps right now, but I’m really happy to having a partnership with Palm Breeze, and really just trying to just make more girl time happen, which always helps make things better.

As Whitney discussed with us, girl time is essential for sanity and Palm Breeze has the statistics to back it up. According to a survey that they conducted, 73 percent of women reported they feel happier and 65 percent feel less stressed after girl time. They also discovered that women who have enough girl time are more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives than those who don’t. With that being said, we wish Whitney the best of luck encouraging girl time for the sake of womanhood, and hope the best for her current and future projects.

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