Iggy Azalea Stills Wants to Marry Nick Young, Reveals Her Wedding Dress Designer

Though her fiancé allegedly cheated on her with a teenager, Iggy Azalea is so adamant on marrying Nick Young that she’s already picked out a designer for her wedding gown.

Despite recently pushing back her nuptials, the rapper is still busy in wedding planning mode. Speaking with Extra, Azalea says she’s enlisted a fashion icon to make her dress for her walk down the aisle.

Giorgio Armani is gonna make my dress,” she special correspondent Elvis Duran. “I asked and I didn’t know if he would because he really hasn’t made a lot of celebrity wedding gowns … I’m just a fan of classic tailoring and I wanted my wedding dress to be timeless so I don’t look ridiculous in 25 years when I’m showing my kids, like, ‘Here’s what mommy wore.'”

According to 25-year-old, she’s also picked out the fabric for her gown and had her measurements taken already.

“I got to come Paris and actually meet Giorgio Armani,” she continues. “And go through fabrics and beading and he measured me and did my corset for the dress and everything, so now they’re making it so it’s just… that’s kind of been a dream.”

As for kids? Though Azalea will soon be the stepmom to Young’s four-year-old son from a previous relationship, the “Team” emcee isn’t ready to have a baby of her own just yet.

“Well, you know my fiancé has a son and he’s four years old, so he’s at our house all the time,” she says of her fiancé’s child. “He really likes cooking, so when he comes over we, like, cook mini pizzas or make, like, Rice Krispy treats, we do stuff like that together, so I think I have a little window into what it might be like to have my own child.”

She adds, “But I have so much to do — it’s way in the future.”

Let’s just hope she hasn’t “cut off” her boyfriend’s penis by then.