Susan Sarandon Thinks Louise Would’ve Been a Lesbian Had She Survived Her Cliff Jump with Thelma

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Oh, the possibilities.

Susan Sarandon andGeena Davis take a look back in the rearview mirror to reflect on their time filming Thelma & Louise in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary in Harper’s BAZAAR. Sarandon confesses that she underestimated the film’s impact prior to its release.

“We thought it was fun, and we were cast in the kinds of roles usually played by guys. It wasn’t seen as any feminist statement,” she says. “I was very concerned that it wouldn’t be seen as a revenge film. The real thing Louise is asking throughout the movie is, ‘Why do guys think this is okay? Why would they think that sticking their tongue out is sexy or interesting, and would they want someone to do that to their mother or their daughter?'”

CREDIT: Jason Schmidt

Sarandon continues by spewing her girl crush praises of Davis as a friend and colleague, and by reassuring young women in the public eye that they don’t necessarily have to be “about liberation” like Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler.

“Then there’s Shailene Woodley and Ellen Page and Brie Larson—they seem to be creating a life. Kristen Stewart. Saoirse Ronan. These women are using their careers instead of being used by them.”

The actress, who wishes to do a tour of college campuses to discuss rape culture in tandem with the film’s anniversary, posits that Thelma would definitely not be married to her husband anymore.

“One would only hope she found Brad [Pitt] again,” says Sarandon. “Maybe Louise became a lesbian. That would be fabulous. Maybe she continued her trip and ended up running an Airbnb.”

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