Amy Schumer Explains Why She Spoke Out Against ‘Glamour’: ‘We Don’t Need These Labels’

Despite the controversy, the comedian insists she “loves” the publication.

Last week Glamour came under fire after Amy Schumer called them out for labeling her “plus size.” The magazine’s editor-in-chief immediately apologized and explained they didn’t mean to offend the comedian, they just wanted to include her in a group of women they found inspiring. Now Schumer is explaining why she felt the need to speak out in the first place.

Last night Schumer stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and addressed the controversy head on, first jokingly introducing herself as a “famous plus size model.”

Schumer continued, insisting that while she loves the magazine, labels just aren’t necessary, “They’ve been so nice to me. They’ve done so many great things for women, but what I learned is that people really don’t like being classified by plus-size.”

“We don’t need these labels. We don’t need ‘em. It should just say what size you are, right?”

While Schumer was talking about a fairly heartfelt issue, she couldn’t help but inject a little bit of comedy into the situation by purposefully hanging half way off of her chair the entire time.

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