Gina Rodriguez Is a Latin Goddess on ‘Women’s Health’

The rising star is just a fountain of confidence and courage!

Gina Rodriguez spoke with Women’s Health recently about the sheer joy, as well as the responsibility, she feels as a successful Latina in the cutthroat entertainment world, and she’s taking every opportunity to help other talented Latin actors find their way in the industry.

“Every marketer, every studio I talk to wants to know how to cater to this demographic,” she says. “I want Latinos to understand where their power lies. Think about how crazy a movement it would be if Latinos just stopped watching until they put a Latino or Latina lead in Fantastic Four or Robocop.”

Gina also makes it clear: yes she’s found success but that doesn’t mean she, or any other successful person is off the hook when it comes to striving to be a good person.

Gina Rodriguez Covers the Newest Issue of 'Women's Health'
CREDIT: Women's Health

“I realize this is amazing, this is wonderful,” she says, acknowledging a set nearby. “But it doesn’t make me better than anybody. When people are like, ‘It’s crazy how humble you are!’ I’m like, no, no, no, no. I shouldn’t be applauded for being a good person. That should be standard.”

The Jane the Virgin star also pointed out how impossible it is to live up to the standards society and media are imposing on women today, encouraging women to look within for strength, not to famous faces.

“In our society, it’s easier to sell somebody the idea of not being enough versus ‘You are enough.’ It’s like we women consciously decide we’re going to be mean to ourselves,” she points out. “But you’re your own hero, not some image you can’t live up to.”

Gina’s Women’s Health issue arrives on April 19, 2016!